Pie making runs in my family! Real edible pies, I mean. My French grandmother was a tremendous pie baker, but my mom’s pies were just the BEST! Naturally, I learned how to bake a pie or two…

Fast forward to the birth of my first grandchildren, twins Annie and Aiden. Somewhere along the way, my pet name for Annie became “Annie Pie”–“Miss Pie” for short. (Let me just say here that I have NEVER in his life called Aiden a Pie of any kind–he would be mortified. I have other pet names for him that mortify him plenty!)

WIN_20171125_18_38_12_ProLong story short, their younger sisters became “Sarah Pie” and “Phia Pie” in their turns. What can I say? I just love Pies!

So when I decided to turn my jewelry hobby into a business, I had to name it Miss Pie Jewelry and identify all my pieces as Pies! 

I’d love to make YOU a Pie! Remember… you always have room in your life for more Pie!


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